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Travel Guide: a Weekend in Boston

Finally settling in at home and looking back on an eventful long weekend in Boston, I can confidently say that we covered just about everything "touristy" there is to see about the city. As always, there are the nook & cranny type places that we didn't get to explore (which sucks because those always end… Continue reading Travel Guide: a Weekend in Boston


HOW TO: Organize & Declutter with Me

I have never felt a stronger sense of need to purge my closet of all the pointless crap that I've gathered over the years than I've felt this spring season. And yes, you read that correctly - YEARS, guys. Earlier this month I was searching through my clothes and finally came to realize that I still… Continue reading HOW TO: Organize & Declutter with Me

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Spring Break “ME Week”

An appropriate title for this post would probably go something like "How to not get kinda sorta depressed when all of your friends are going on spring break vacations and you're not" but I thought that might be a little dramatic. Not to mention, way too long. Either way - that is essentially what I'll… Continue reading Spring Break “ME Week”

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Grocery Items I’m Loving

Nothing better than a successful trip to the grocery store, am I right?? My fellow food enthusiasts will understand my excitement to talk about my favorite foods or food combos. One topic near and dear to my heart to hash out after we establish our similar likes/dislikes is . . . *drum roll* . . .… Continue reading Grocery Items I’m Loving

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How to Conquer Your Sunday

Behold! The best time of the week has arrived after a weekend full of activity! Yeah you're not mistaken, I am talking about Sunday. The infamous "sunday scaries" are probably getting everyone into their feels on this evening, but despite popular opinion Sundays are actually one of my favorite days of the week. I love the… Continue reading How to Conquer Your Sunday