Reminders for a College Senior’s First Job Hunt

It's about that time for college seniors to start thinking about what the next move beyond college is going to be. Job fairs have already started registering companies and sending notifications out to students - many of whom forgot that job fairs generally happen soon after school starts and need to start getting their sh*t… Continue reading Reminders for a College Senior’s First Job Hunt

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New Job, New City, New Friends – Oh My!

For some, making friends and connections comes naturally. For others, it's the exact opposite. It can be fun, exciting, nerve-wracking, awkward, or most likely all of the above! Just last week I experienced all of these feelings. All 220-some interns (give or take) are living together for 10 weeks and we moved in last weekend.… Continue reading New Job, New City, New Friends – Oh My!

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How to Conquer Your Sunday

Behold! The best time of the week has arrived after a weekend full of activity! Yeah you're not mistaken, I am talking about Sunday. The infamous "sunday scaries" are probably getting everyone into their feels on this evening, but despite popular opinion Sundays are actually one of my favorite days of the week. I love the… Continue reading How to Conquer Your Sunday


How I Stay Organized & Productive

Life is a never-ending whirlwind of activity, with appointments and meetings and assignments popping up all over the calendar. Nonstop, 24/7. I am constantly juggling my classes, homework, basketball, friends, family and my sanity all at once. I am the kind of person that always likes to feel as though they have everything under control… Continue reading How I Stay Organized & Productive