• Trying Something New…

    February 23, 2020 by

    Oh boy, where to start! It’s been months since I last wrote and I’m itching to get back into it. There were a lot of things happening in my life this past fall that didn’t really put me in the best state of mind and I didn’t think it was appropriate to be preaching all… Read more

  • Reminders for a College Senior’s First Job Hunt

    August 19, 2019 by

    It’s about that time for college seniors to start thinking about what the next move beyond college is going to be. Job fairs have already started registering companies and sending notifications out to students – many of whom forgot that job fairs generally happen soon after school starts and need to start getting their sh*t… Read more

  • 4 Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors in Milwaukee

    August 9, 2019 by

    Living in a city is super fun – so many things! Especially in Milwaukee during the summer. For those of you who are also from the Midwest, we know the pain of living half the year inside due to snow and cold, so summers are JAM PACKED. One of my favorite things about living in… Read more

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